Wednesday, August 29, 2007


This sequence would never have been possible without the patient child-putting-to-bed skills of my dear James. I had the easy job of standing out in the quiet darkness, leaping for the shutter every time the moon ducked from behind a cloud, and poking my head inside every now and then to say "Sure you don't need a hand?". Thank-you darling. 

Monday, August 27, 2007


It's time for the annual first blossom of the year photo. There are some more Joy-of-Spring photos here. I went a little crazy with the camera on the weekend.

Originally uploaded by Lorena_C.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Happy!

I think this is our new family catch phrase.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Blog, shmog. Pass me a glass.
Click here, on this text, for more photos.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Snow Trip

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Goodbye Wolfgang. 1913-2007

You were one of the best. You'll be missed. 

Monday, August 06, 2007


You know it's time for a spring clean when you find a croquet mallet in the back of your wardrobe. 

Anyone for a game?