Monday, May 15, 2006

How to recognise a monster...

Mari dreamt about monsters last night. Friendly monsters. They had their hands and their toes in the dirt and they looked like dogs or cats. And they were wearing soap jackets. (Keep in mind I was in the shower while Mari was telling me this.) And jackets with taps on them. So there you go. Consider yourself up to date on the nature and fashion of monsters.

I'm loving having a real talking person to hang out with. Mari showed me two toy birds she was playing with a few days ago.
Mari: "Look mum, a daddy penguin and a mummy penguin."
Lorena: "Ooh yes, lovely... but I think they're parrots darling."
Mari: (in world weary tones) "Mummy, I'm just CALLING them penguins."
Well, yes. Fair enough. There's just no reply to that.

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