Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nice girls don't...

Nice girls don't:
a) Demand to wear their undies over their pants, then proceed to spend the day in the 'nicky-noo-na' from the waist down in protest.
b) Burp loudly while sitting on your chest, then drool milky vomit dangerously close to your mouth.
c) Open the condensed milk for the sole purpose of eating it out of the tin with a spoon because there are no chocolate biscuits left in the house.

Or maybe they do.

Anyway, each of us has done one of these things today. Go on, guess.

PS: Mari is currently listening to a jingly kids version of "Morningtown Ride" originally by the Seekers?, Peter, Paul and Mary? (Correct me if I'm wrong). She just came up to me and announced with joy "Mummy, Rock and Roll!". No, my child, wrong in sooo many ways.

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MaJenny said...

SHHH!!! don't tell anyone, I have a Seekers song book, from my younger days when I used to play the folk guitar. But Morningtown Ride is not in it. So a quick check on the internet tells me it was written by Malvina Reynolds and sung by the Seekers in 1966. A good bedtime song.