Saturday, March 10, 2007


Saturday. Under shady tree. Girls too. Alternately playing in sandpit and munching sandwiches. This would be something akin to bliss if we hadn't been in each others pockets all week without bathroom or toilet, with spasmodic water and power, and not enough adult company. And now, no coffee.
Still, the nice moments were rich and came often. Like the turtle cheese biscuits that were paired up by a match-making Mari, who decided they all needed hugs.

And, the bathroom is coming along. It might seem like a we've been utilising a bucket (at night) for a year, but really it's been less than a week. And it's only a week to go. Nothing really, when we think of the luxurious bathroom we have waiting for us at the end of the week. Or fortnight, if we count the trappings.

And yes, I know you're thinking it: That is one huge bath. I have a history and reputation of stating "But it looked smaller in the shop!" Or in this case, in the catalogue. Still, I've always fantasised about a bath I don't have to baste myself in to keep warm. I'm justifying it with our extremely energy and water efficient new front loading washing machine, and the fact that I'll only have a proper bath on my birthday. Or if I haven't showered all week.

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