Sunday, April 22, 2007


Guess where we went on the weekend?

Mari has been enveloped in a dinosaur obsession lately, something we're encouraging with enthusiasm. Princesses and fairies are all very nice, but when something comes along with teeth and history and lots of ROARING I'm all for it. Last week she set up a dinosaur museum in the backyard, complete with the only impressive bone we could find, a cow's knee. I tried to help her jazz it up a bit with an old glass medicine bottle and shard of willow pattern plate, which she accepted somewhat reluctantly. So. It was looking like a museum trip was in order. Come the weekend, we woke up, said why not, and up and went, with just enough time to make sandwiches and pack nappies. A good day.

And yes, that's a live spider down there, and yes it's as big as it looks.

Long trip home on the train.

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