Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey! Hi!

I've been to life drawing classes!

I think maybe I was a little enthusiastic. This is a not-too-exaggerated transcript of my several conversations of the night.

ME: Hi!
Innocent Bystander: Um, hi.
ME: My name's Lorena! What's your name!
IB: Um...
ME: Hey! Great! Do you live near by?
IB: Um...
ME: Hey! Me too!
IB: Oh. Good.
ME: Isn't this great! I haven't done the for eight years! You know, life drawing! On big paper! And look, I'm out without my kids! They're lovely (insert diatribe on the loveliness of my kids, their names, ages, likes dislikes etc). But hey! They're at home. And me? I'm out!
IB: Um, I think the break might be fin-
ME: Oh, hey, did I tell you about my Uni days? Oh, those halcyon days... Hey! Wait! Where are you going? WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?!

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