Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Mere Trifle

The copy of Clive James' Cultural Amnesia I ordered for James before Christmas finally arrived at the book shop today. I made a point of getting it all wrapped up and presenting it to him along with a new set of champagne glasses and a bottle of french bubbly. His birthday is three days after Christmas and is usually a bit of a let down for him. So why not extend it a bit? Anyway, I've been flicking through the 800 odd pages, and got my usual urge to get all literary and astound you with witty prose and incisive yet delicate cultural observations. 

Instead I'm going to show you the trifle I made yesterday, and go have a beer. Maybe tomorrow for the wit, yes?


Kara said...

Good heavens, I've never had a trifle but that looks delicious! What is the pink liquid?

Lorena said...

Thanks Kara - the red stuff is raspberry jelly.

Ingredients in this order: Jam sponge rollettes, sherry (though I used rum this time), raspberry jelly, custard, peach slices, whipped cream, apricot slices, blueberries & raspberries. Yum.

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