Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A bit of history

What an eventful Easter it's been. Today we took a step back in time at sunny Sovereign Hill, 19th Century Gold Town for the masses. Actually quite good fun once we got into the spirit of it. Despite being a bit young to understand the historical side of things, Mari had a great time panning for gold, going on a horse and buggy ride, and doing all those things that hopefully start to imprint themselves on the young mind. I've been wondering lately what her first memory will be. It must be happening somewhere around now. I'm just hoping it won't be of her mum (i.e. me) swearing as she drops something on her foot. Again. Maybe this trip will be one of those future 'I remember when...'s.

Oddly, our souvenir haul consisted totally of musical instruments. The (rather fine, I must say) harmonica was, as you can see, the favourite. Mari provided musical accompaniment, and dancing, to the many prospective prospectors. Ha. Gold hunting kiddies. And continued for a good half hour as we wandered the dusty streets. At least we could never have lost her. All in all, a delightfully tiring day.

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