Monday, April 24, 2006


Despite being sick as, well, dogs, we've all been busy in our own little ways. I've been crafting away, and here's the proof.
The pics above show my very first *completed* (and that's the important bit) knitting project. Nothing glamorous, but versatile and fits two head. Not at the same time, obviously. Looking at those pics, really, are they sisters, or are they sisters?! My second ever *completed* (have I mentioned that?) hat, was a sojourn into the world of dropped stitches. Intentionally. It's shaped, but is obviously destined for another, younger head. It will soon be whizzing down the highway to wee Violet, who has spent only weeks in this world so far, and hopefully keeping her mother busy enough so that she won't read this blog for a few days! I'm just hoping she has littler noggin than our dear boofy Rosa. And I say that in the most loving way.

You've seen the first of the little stuffed family here. Although minus the coffee stain. The other two I knocked up today (I say that oh so breezily). The bunny on the right is destined for the aforementioned Violet's bigger brother Morgan. The middle Russian style doll, also from Wee Wonderfuls I think is one for Rosa.

And yes, I have been working on some "real art" but that's for another day and another blog post.

Oh, by the way. If anyone does feel the urge to leave a little hello, if you look just below, just a few pixels down, there's a teeny link saying (currently) 0 comments. That will take you to a handy little page where you can leave us a note. No pressure.


James McArdle said...

Well, I love you anyway! Can't wait for the next episode...

Ma-Jenny said...

I'm very proud of your knitting achievement, and the little stuffed toys are so cute.