Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Adventures in the air and on the ground...

James was finally returned to us safe and sound after an epic day or so of engine failures and fruitless collection attempts. I bundled the girls in the car and headed down to the airport (a 1 1/2 hour drive in late arvo traffic), not knowing that at that very same time, James' plane had suddenly half-broken down in mid air and was turning around to limp back to New Zealand on one engine. So, I negotiated carpark, etc, got us all down to the arrivals terminal to be told "well, try again tomorrow morning". So back in the car we hopped and came back home. Got back 3 hours after we'd left, a little frayed around the edges and with sleep routines out of whack. It was nothing like James' trip back to NZ on half power, night in musty hotel, and early morning back on the plane, but I reckon doing it all with two kids under three gives me a few bonus points. :-)

Despite the long trip home, James had a great time at the conference, swapped notes with other intellects and got snowed upon. A great time away for him, and a good time for me to get the girls into a bit of a sleep routine. Fingers crossed, touch wood and all that.

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