Monday, June 19, 2006

Lazy Days (it's all relative of course)

I know we desperately need (neeeed!) some rain. It's been so dry for so long. But I love (looooove!) spending half the day sitting out in the lovely warm sun, drinking lattes (my contribution to yummy-mummyhood), occasionally passing Mari a bite to eat when she happens to pass by, and bouncing Rosa on my knee. The downside is being used as a handy drawing board for her soggy biscuit. Remind me to stop wearing black, and invest in some beige clothes.
Mari gets to play with her friends, I get to chat with mine, Rosa gets to eat some gravel (roughage), and we all get some sun on our faces. No, I'm joking about the gravel, but she does try. Then it's home to dirty clothes, tired but nap-resistant kiddlets and a scruffy house. Ah well, nice while it lasts.

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