Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bad, naughty blogger

Yes, that's me. Neglectful. Flashing you a photo here and there. The blogging equivalent of sending you a bunch of flowers because I haven't called for two weeks.

So. Hi! How are you? Good? I'm ok. Been sick. Kids sick. Everyone sick. But coming out of it now. Enjoying spring weather. Drinking more coffee than ever but still needing more. Tired. Rosa waking up at 3am-ish and staying awake for a couple of hours. Two nights in a row now. That's a trend. I don't like it. We're bleary and wading through the day. Hence the coffee. Never make it to bed early though. Facebook partly to blame. New fad. New way to avoid the dishes. My children have decided that fighting is the new fun. Want that toy? Scream! Wrong colour cup? Collapse to the floor in writhing mess. Sibling looks at you? Headbutt! Can you feel the love too?
What's that you say? You have to go? To wash your hair? And take out the garbage? Oh. Ok. Well, call again soon, yeah? Lovely to chat! Look out for the bunch of carnations I sent... Yep, ok, byeeeee!

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kara said...

Oh, what fun! :) Hugs all around.