Saturday, September 22, 2007

The start of something good

Anyone who knows me, also knows how passionate I am about food, particularly (and obviously) good food. Sourcing it, cooking it, and (again, obviously) eating it. So it was a moment of great pleasure when Mari asked me about making her own cake. All by herself. And could she, she asked with the thrill of danger and excitement, even... put it in the oven herself? Of course! Lets go! And she did. Every bit. She's an eggspert ("No daddy, it's EXpert!" Nice try.) at cracking eggs from way back, and I made sure the butter was on the point of melting so she could mix it all together by hand without any trouble. And she did it! It was a breeze.

And the cake? Really , truly, delicious!

You can see (nearly) the complete process here:

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