Monday, October 22, 2007

Adventurous Parenting

You have Erroll Flynn to thank for this post. It was the man himself, or rather a dubious documentary, who made me sit back and think... and this is the conversation I had in my head:
'Have I starred in several hollywood films, sailed the world, or "popped over to have a look at the civil war"?'
'No, but you've go kids.'
'Yes, but...'
'Would you take the girls to "pop over to have a look at the civil war"?'
'No, but....'
'So. Q.E.D.'
'But wait. You yourself. Myself. Whatever. You/I/we have just been lamenting your lack of spontaneity, guilt about not giving the kids enough stimulating activities, frustration about every day being the same. Why not do some adventurous parenting? Get out there! Give your children some decent childhood memories! More yes, less no!'
'Okay, but you have to start cleaning the house properly too.'
'Fine.... Hang on, you want perfect now? Creatively and intellectually stimulated kids, a daily sense of adventure AND a tidy house?!'
'Oh, baby, yes!'

I think I need to drink less of coffee. But, I do have a point. It's too easy to stay home and let the day slip away. And that in itself, with two young children, is the hardest way to spend a day. It's wearying, frustrating and frankly boring. I'm not sure I'll be starting the Erroll Flynn Memorial School of Adventurous Parenting, incorporating the Martha Stewart School of Sparking Surfaces, but when I look at the things I'm most dissatisfied with, I realise they're my own issues that only I can solve. (Oh this is fun isn't it?)
-Stuck at home? Get out more!
-Untidy house? Organise! Throw out! Mop!
-Want to work again, preferably in a creative way? That time will come. Do what you can and lay the groundwork now; be ready when the kids start school.

And, of course, what all of this requires is for me to get up and do it. More yes, less no!

Any ideas? Living away from a buzzing metropolis means that a trip to the zoo or museum means 3-4 hours total travel. I'm not THAT adventurous on a weekday!

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kime sama said...

But do remember that Errol Flynn made a tonne of money, has an entourage of servants and ISN'T a mother. A parent, yes but only a father who seems preoccupied more with himself.

I'm not sure if my input matters for I do not have actual children but i've raised my brother and sisters since I was 10.