Monday, October 15, 2007

Port Fairy

We ventured down to Port Fairy over the weekend to catch their Spring music festival. It was all very lovely, and we had a lovely time, I heard some lovely music, bought some lovely clothes, and ate some lovely food. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Which, unfortunately, probably makes for a pretty boring blog post. But, I'll plow on regardless. I caught two performances. The first was by Roger Cui, a recklessly talented 18 year old pianist. He blitzed his way through some Mozart (Sonata in A major), Chopin (Andante Spianato & Grand Polinaise brillante) and Liszt (Hungarian Rhapsody No.6, which I'm still humming and waving my arms around a lot to, in imaginary conductoring). The second was a Schubert Special (woo!). Merlyn Quaiffe warbled fabulously through some Leider translations, and then a quintet moved in like a tuxedoed string-swinging mafia to give us his Trout Concerto.

All, lovely, lovely, lovely. Photos (kids, beach, etc, irrevocably out of order for some reason) here. Remind me to tell you about the great company of friends, rollicking beach visits, and shrieking bull ant encounter when I've had a bit of kip. Goodnight.

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James said...

Well it pays to look at your own blog every now and then! New gorgeous banner, heaps more articles (some of them lovely, just lovely!) including one excellent one about the ever more talented Mari and her cake making extraordinaire! Wild. The only disappointment - the link to Falling Water didn't work for me.
Lorena you are genius personified.