Sunday, July 16, 2006

New project online

We made it outside today, after a spell of most welcome rain. Rosa discovered the joys of the swing. And Mari was most generous regarding allotted swing 'turns'. I think she rather enjoyed being in a position of power.

Life's been busy with the girls, but the main reason you haven't heard from me in just over a week is this: I've been working on digitizing the 1950's and 60's works of James' father; Brian McArdle. The negatives run to the thousands, but I've made a start. The webpage is just in it's very fledgling stages. A bit of design will come with time. For now I'm just getting what I've copied online. Have a look every now and then. There's some great stuff going up every few days from now on (kids willing), including portraits of people from Dame Edna to Queen Lizzie. Here's a preview. No guessing which one it is.

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