Sunday, July 30, 2006


Oh gentle blog, how I have neglected you. We're riding the waves of green snotty colds, teething and the crashing relentless surf of sleep deprivation. Think of how the endless wash of water gradually turns rock to sand. We were rocks. Now we are the squeaky sand at our offspring's feet, begging (squeakily) for mercy (and sleep).

I think I'll move on.

Anyway, sleep is improving. Note to self: The following food items (whether she or I eat them) will make Rosa wake up every 23 minutes screaming like a banshee. Onions, bread... Well, okay. But try eliminating onions and bread from every meal. I LOVE toast. And onions. I could live on thinly sliced raw spanish onions with lots of butter on a slab of real crusty bread.

And her sleeping habits have changed. Not that long ago, she would only sleep on her tummy (I know, I know) with a feed and lots of backrubs. Now, all of a sudden, she must be on her back... while we squeeze her feet. Why? I don't know. But the secret for getting a screaming baby to instantly make little sleepy happy gurgling noises is to, yes hold onto both feet and gently squeeze, in a comforting rhythmic way. She stops yelling, laughs and sighs happily and pops off to sleep. Until we let go. That's the only catch.

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