Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Did you see that?!

James came in from a late evening walk last night with news of a comet in the sky. I think I greeted the news with casual interest, 'Oh yes? I'll come have a look.' ...Wandered outside. 'Umm, that slightly smeary looking star over there?' 'No no, you can't see it from here - go up to the corner.' "ok' (Still blase at this point) Stroll up the hill, wave from the dark at the neighbours partying on their deck...Up a bit further... Then. (To paraphrase the kids of today, of which I'm SO not one of any more, but that's another blog post altogether. Anyway...) OH. MY. GOD! Is the world about to come to an end? This is what we saw. Comet McNaught.

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