Friday, January 26, 2007


Our car tape deck decided to kamikaze itself about a year ago, after one too many playings of a well worn Miffy tape. An honourable death, but one that left us with limited aural entertainment for the kids in the car. It hasn't really bothered them; they prefer to make their own music, usually a mix of thrash metal and the chipmunks singing Enya. But lately, Mari has been amusing us all by her eerily accurate impersonation of a 14 year old. Amusing how many more grey hairs we're sprouting too for that matter. Since the introduction of two iPod shuffles into the household a couple of months ago (a his and a hers) Mari's interest in music has evolved into an obsession with plugging herself in to a pair of headphones in the car. Her favourite (and I mean f.a.v.o.u.r.i.t.e.) is Fidelity by Regina Spector. This is actually very, very especially lovely if Rosa happens to be asleep. One child unconscious, the other singing out the occasional "It breaks my heart! My hea-a-a-arrrrt!"

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