Monday, November 06, 2006

me too!

The reason why Mari's been so keen on her 'job', has been because of mine. Job, that is. Oh yes, I'm eloquent before my second cup of coffee. Anyway. I've been working on some food shots. We have a few ideas in the pipe line for generating an income; some ventures that I can work at from home (mostly) while the kidlets are still dependant 24/7. (One is hanging off my leg right now. Kidlet that is. You know.) And one of those ventures is just plain old taking photos for money. Of course, there's nothing 'plain' or 'old' about it. Love it. So, I've been building up the folio after a few years away. And the food stuff has been fun.

Of course, Mari's shots are infinitely better than mine. But there you go. Shame about those pesky child labour laws.

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