Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Monster Dreams

Mari woke up this morning and told me all about a bad dream she'd had. A naughty orange monster was tearing everything in half. Trees and teddy bears and everything. And it was green too. Yikes.
It reminded me of one of my earliest memories. Definitely the first dream I remember. I was the same age as Mari. There were two furry monsters, one blue and one green, hiding behind a fishtank in my grandfather's hallway. I knew (mixing up the laws of physics just a little) that because they were behind water they looked smaller than they actually were. Then the blue monster stepped out and was suddenly HUGE. Adult size. I ran down the hallway into our kitchen (the fluid nature of dreams) and lay myself across a chair and kicked and screamed... There are several drawings i did at the time to illustrate this obviously formative somnatic experience!

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