Sunday, November 12, 2006

Speaking of New Ventures

I've been feeling the need to get back into work (the paying kind) lately, but have been a bit stumped. I'm reluctant to use childcare (there's a two year waiting list here anyway), so need something I can work on with the kids around. I vaguely mentioned ventures in the pipeline last post, and the latest that both James and I are working on is this: Fine Art Photography Classes. It's online and free, and concentrates on (you guessed it) the fine art side of photography. There are a lot of online photography courses, but they all seem to concentrate on the technical side of things. "How to get the most out of your digital camera!", "The two-thirds rule for beginners!". That sort of thing. So, we hope, this will corner a bit of the market. Even just a tiny fraction of the market will do. I've placed ads on the site - each time someone (you, for example) clicks on an ad, it earns us a few cents. So, do pop over and have a look. We'll be adding new exercises as often as we can.

So, with that and a bit of freelance work, hopefully I'll dropping a few coins into the tax man's pocket again!

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